Biopil, Biotech & Lifesciences division of PIL is setting up a state of the modern art multi product and multi utility Bio-tech.
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Pharmapil aims to help the people to lead healthier lives with specific objectives; delivering affordable and accessible.
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Pochiraju Industries Limited has its floriculture operations as a 100% EOU division cultivating,processing and exporting cut flower .
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Presently the company grows the different varieties of roses consisting different colours such as red, yellow, pink, white, peach etc.

The companys flowers and varieties are known for their quality, stem length, bud size with good foliage, free from any pest and disease.

The company out-sources other varieties of roses and other flowers such as Coronations, Chrisanthamums, Tuberoses, Zeberas etc. from different growers in India as well as from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia for its international marketing.

The company also plans to enter into dry flower processing and marketing in the coming year of operations and into organic agri products and herbal and medicinal plant cultivation and extractions and herbal formulations in the following year.
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