Biopil, Biotech & Lifesciences division of PIL is setting up a state of the modern art multi product and multi utility Bio-tech.
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Pharmapil aims to help the people to lead healthier lives with specific objectives; delivering affordable and accessible.
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Pochiraju Industries Limited has its floriculture operations as a 100% EOU division cultivating,processing and exporting cut flower .
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As a major diversification the company is setting up a state of the art modern multi product and multi utility Bio-tech and Bio-pharma facility of international standards to develop, manufacture and market strategically selected injectables, bio-parenterals. Over the coming years the company proposes to develop a unique combination of product knowledge, manufacturing capabilities, marketing expertise and purification technology for processing raw materials with the best resources to service the needs of pharmaceuticals industry.

The company’s proposed sterile manufacturing facilities will produce sterile injectables. The facilities proposed to be set up will be as per cGMP standards and initially adhered to European, Australian and USFDA standards to cater and catch the opportunity of contract manufacturing for leading pharma MNCs arising as a result of WTO agreements after 2005 and also growing global generic markets.

The manufacturing facility includes Class 100 clean room for all the required systems and utilities such as compressed air, sterile water, pure steam, terminal sterilizer, dry heat steriliser, autoclave, vial washing, cleaning, sterilizing, filling lines and compounding reactors. Facilities with lypholisation capabilities will be created to accommodate the manufacturing of high potency products requiring additional segregation technologies.

On site chemical and microbiological analytical laboratories as well as ultra modern packing and warehousing facilities are being created. The company is adapting global standard operating procedures and systems, attract and retain qualified personnel so as to enable it to meet the latest US FDA requirements and guidelines.

On the Bio-technology part, the company proposes to exploit the opportunities available in plant biotechnology and human biotechnology. The company proposes to build an extraction unit for plant and medicinal extractions and plant based enzymes and to create a state of the art modern facility for protein purification technology used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

As specialists in the manufacture of pharmaceutical sterile injectables, the company proposes to offer the following full service solutions for our contract manufacturing customers

  • Bioprocessing/purification of raw materials
  • Scale up
  • Formulation development
  • Validation
  • Packing design
  • QC/QA testing
  • Regulatory affairs.
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