Biopil, Biotech & Lifesciences division of PIL is setting up a state of the modern art multi product and multi utility Bio-tech.
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Pharmapil aims to help the people to lead healthier lives with specific objectives; delivering affordable and accessible.
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Pochiraju Industries Limited has its floriculture operations as a 100% EOU division cultivating,processing and exporting cut flower .
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- Research & Development
The strength of any Biotech company can be assessed by its Research and Development program. With an eye towards the global market, Biopil has an independent R&D Facility that provides the following services:
  • Protein Expression in Mammalian Cell System
  • Bioprocess development on Pilot Scales
  • Hybridoma Technology & Antibody production
  • Monoclonal Antibody
  • Gene cloning, Cell Line Development
  • Proteomics, Genomics and Analytical Biochemistry
The R&D laboratory has all the facilities available to offer for the above. Staffed with a highly proficient R&D team, this laboratory is equipped with the latest instrumentation to perform optimally. The R&D is geared to up scale processes systematically to ensure smooth transition of technology at commercial levels.
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